Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mom's Memory

My Mom died when I was 5. I have a worn out dry-rotted quilt that I remember lying under on snow days on my bed hoping we did not have to go to school while listening to a transister radio. Those days were after I moved in with an aunt who took my sisters and I in. I got some Aunt Gracie fabrics one day and tried to copy the quilt. The only difference is the print should have been the stars and solids were on the outer part. Anyway, I used some of the same colors and the same green for the backing. I was not thrilled with green but I wanted it to be like hers. This is just a small quilt I will use for wall hanging. This pattern I found out later was published in the newspaper and is a Kansas city Star quilt. I would love to have a modern fabric one someday. I did figure out how to do it on the machine. The original was made by hand. I dont think I could ever do a big quilt by hand. My mother accomplished a lot by the time she was 38 when she died. So, this quilt is called Mom's memory.

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