Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want to tell everyone Merry Christmas. I have had a super year and hope you all have too. Next year I hope to do more blogging and posting my decorations. I got so far behind this year due to working 5 days a week instead of 3. Anyway...Merry Christmas and many Bright Blessings!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My babies still growing

First visit outside at the first of the week, of course now it is much colder. they are just too cute.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chickens are growing

My chickens are really growing. Too cute. A couple of days ago I gave them a small pumpkin and they all circled it and pecked and danced and scratched. It was so funny to watch. The polish girl, Gladys grabbed a chunk and ran around the coop and the others chased her. It was absolutely hilarious.!!

This Margaret. Hope she is not really Maurice. LOL

Another Pic of Margaret.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We have pet Chickens!! My sweet husband built an awesome coop and we started with 8 chicks. we lost one the first day and then ordered a replacement that had to have 2 more to make the trip with her. Hopefully they all turn out to be girls. I have worries about one but time will tell..
This is the coop. The inside walls are painted aqua so they surely will have a calm beginning.
Next I will show a few of the girls.
The first is Margaret

She is the first to greet me and likes to be held. She is a Barred Rock.

Next is Della (for Delaware) and Tempietoo (Americana)

In the background is Mazie, Margaret's twin and Agnes (golden Lakenvelder) and to the left is
Goldie (golden Buff). So now you have met a few. I will try and get pictures of Dottie and Lulu who are Spangled Hambergs and oh the lovely Gladys who is a Blue White Crested Polish. So this should be fun. They seem to like the spaghetti squash and peppers

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new find from Wilmington ,NC

We took a day trip yesterday to get away and walk with the beautiful weather. I was so glad to see sunshine, not cold, rain, or snow for a change. I am so ready for spring. We went to a little shop where they do their own creations there in the store. Lots of whimsical and silly things. Found a totem of big beads, drift wood and a fish. Pottery type on a big piece of piling that came from a damages piling from hurricane. Anyway. Looks good with a wood fish I painted last summer. We always find neat things when we are out and about.


Hubby makes the BEST popovers. They are light, and hollow on the inside. He uses half wheat flour and half millet flour and then adds a little fine grated cheese on top sometimes. I took cool whip, blueberries and cinoman with a little splenda for a desert type. OMG the Best! This morning we filled with eggs/cheese and turkey bacon. Also tasty too!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Owl Ornies

Well, I got this pattern off the net. Not sure exactly where now but could probably find it. I did a few changes and used some decorative stitching, added some sequins etc and here you go. This is a jump start on ornies for next year. I have started liking owls. Cute ones anyway. Last year, I was floating on a raft in the pool and a huge owl was perched in the tree above watching me. That was creepy!!

soap box derby

Hubby ran across his soap box derby cars. He has always been in scouts even being a scout leader. He and his son created these derby cars. I am so impressed. The bathtub has hot and cold spickets and a hand with a little rubber duckie. I love the hot dog too . The cheese one is ok ....the front says who cut the cheese. Not sure if any of these cars won so if any scouts would like to copy I can ask and get back to you. LOL

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quilt inspiration

Come on folks, as I was gazing out of the kitchen window.. I saw a quilt in the making. Hubby has cut down several old dead trees lately and one is stacked just to the side of the drive down the hill. Looks like a quilt or stacked candy or something. I think I will have to make another quilt maybe in brighter colors but to look like candy. What do you think?

Lazy dogs

This is Charlie and Neopolian. They were basking in the sun on a pile of leaves. Life just doesn't get any better...unless of course there is a treat involved.

another view

The lighting is horrible on that one. I took these pictures in the craft loft and light pours in from behind the quilt not to mention you can see the mess from sewing.

Civil War Quilt

Once again in the Moda Bake shop, I found a pattern. well I had three charm packs and had some rustic red solid and kinda followed the pattern. LOL. I added some wider separating stripes vertically to make it longer to snuggle under so it would cover your feet.The colors go with the log house we live in so there you go. Hubby likes it.Guess I will have to quilt it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Larger view

Speaking of Birds...

I have taken a liking to birds. Not sure what that is about but anyway...I went to Kirklands today and found the cutest fattest blue bird that matching my den. I also got a few fat little birds to sit around as well. When I got home, hubby made a shelf in the corner about 4 feet up from my chair and I added a little spanish moss and voila!!


I could not wait to share my birds with you but everytime I would click the camera they would be gone. They were faster than my shutter sound. I was so proud. We have all colors and sizes from a tiny finch to a big woodpecker that is visiting. I waiting patiently on the porch and zoomed in and then snap they flew. Maybe one day when it warms a bit I can stay a little longer . But one more squirrel visit and we are going to move the feeder a little further from the tree trunk. They bring their whole extended families back when the come. LOL

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My son's wood turned items

I have to take a picture of a bowl made of cocoa bolo wood my son made.. Here are a few of the fine birdhouses I am honored to own. I am so excited because a local TV person who does a segment called Tar Heel Traveler called him for an interview. He would be featured on the local news channel with him making his birdhouses and bowls etc.. since he is an artist from NC that someone thought he was good enough to recommend to be featured. I am so proud of him. He has been busy getting his work shop ready for filming and items in different stages so it can be shown. His work is truly craftsmanship. He also sells his work so feel free to message me and I will give you his email for info.

Christmas Quilts.

Here are a few tops I have done this year already. At Moda Bake shop I saw the pattern for fabulous 5... It is the easiest and quickest Quilt I have ever made. I absolutely love it. Of course I changed things around a bit but the ideas I had just made me go off on a tangent. Some of the detail does not show too well, like the embroidery I did over the trees and the "All hearts come home for Christmas" words that are on the snowman one and the presents one has ornaments hanging. Got the pattern for those from a Trader Joe's brown paper bag. LOL

Our Two Kitties

The first tuxedo kitty is Mr. Fat Cat. He is very sweet who has the attitude of Garfield. He can hear treat bags for a mile. The grey kitty who has lots of fur from being thick fur not Hootie. She is just a hoot. Sweet with

Monday, January 31, 2011


I finally figured it out. Hope I remember what I did to post a few more. I want to post pics of our kitties and everyday things and a few quilts.. So it may take a day or two but hope to get to all of it soon.

Picture at profile

It must be me but I have tried to post a new profile picture about 20 times. I resized , and redid everything I know and have given up for now. So if by some chance lots of pictures miraculously appear, you know why. LOL

sunset at Cape Lookout

This was from my trip to Lookout late September with the NC Sail group. We had a great time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am back

I am finally to the point I can come back and share a bit. I know several folks were starting to follow me. Well, I am remarried. I have a wonderful story . Years ago when I was 16, I had a high school sweetheart. We fell in love, had a baby that we had to give up for adoption and then we broke up. Well, when that baby grew up he found me and we were reunited and had a relationship with both sides of his family. Anyway. his Dad and I had separate families and our own lives, which both had a lot of troubles. After 40 years we are now married and our lives have become full circle. I could not be happier. I have moved to a log home on a hill just on the edge of town. It is tricky in the snow but it is a beautiful place. So that is the challenges I have been trying to settle out. Now on to quilting and crafting. I have missed posting my creations. I haven't done a lot actually. I do have several quilt tops that I did and a few little other goodies. Hope to post the pictures soon. Take care and check back soon. Hugs Salliegayle