Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Morning

It is a cloudy cool day here today. I see plenty of people are viewing my site. Please come over and leave a message. Show me something new you have made or just say hello.I hope to add some tutorials very soon. Probably on Wednesday or Thursday. The 1st will be a quilt block the next will be something totally different. You ladies have a great day! I am just in after a 12 hr shift, the first of 4 so I will be heading for bed now. See ya later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Change in plans

Today, I was planning to get lots of sewing done. My last day off for a couple weeks. Oh well Hubby was sick and had to go to the Dr. He has severe acid reflux. He has a ulcer and Hiatal hernia..anyway, had to get meds, get him settled and then pick up Grandson from school. I did get started on some more Cathedral windows. So hopefully I will attatch to the first little bit and then post another picture. We will see.. I do have to watch American Idol tonight. LOL Have a good evening!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cathedral Window blocks

I have finally for the first time done a trial of Cathedral Windows. I have always loved the look but it just seemed like it would take forever. Thanks to the tutorial by I finally gave it a go. I absolutely love it. I love the idea of adding batting to it as well.. You are all finished quilted and ready to use in the end. What a great way to use up scraps. Now, I have to find some more white. I bet it would look good with black too. Hmmmm Or maybe Navy. I love scrappy quilts and easy no think piecing but this cool too. I did sew the windows in with the machine because my thumbs are not bothered with flat sewing as with hand sewing having to bend the thumb. Anyways, I am sure I could make it neater but now I know how. Thanks again to Hyena in Petticoats.( What a cute name). Any comments are welcome or suggestions or whatever.

BOM finished

Here you go.. This is my version well, my two versions of the BOM pattern from I love fat little snowmen and I could not resist. So I am anxious for February to get here to see the next one. I hope I can continue to do 2 of each block and then someone will get the extra quilt. Hope you like it.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This evening I just put the finishing touches on the BOM from Bunny Hill. I will post tomorrow when the lighting is better. Not only did I do 1 but 2 of those blocks. I thought as long as I am doing 1, I should do an extra for maybe my daughter. I have had a long day and am turning in early .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mom's Memory

My Mom died when I was 5. I have a worn out dry-rotted quilt that I remember lying under on snow days on my bed hoping we did not have to go to school while listening to a transister radio. Those days were after I moved in with an aunt who took my sisters and I in. I got some Aunt Gracie fabrics one day and tried to copy the quilt. The only difference is the print should have been the stars and solids were on the outer part. Anyway, I used some of the same colors and the same green for the backing. I was not thrilled with green but I wanted it to be like hers. This is just a small quilt I will use for wall hanging. This pattern I found out later was published in the newspaper and is a Kansas city Star quilt. I would love to have a modern fabric one someday. I did figure out how to do it on the machine. The original was made by hand. I dont think I could ever do a big quilt by hand. My mother accomplished a lot by the time she was 38 when she died. So, this quilt is called Mom's memory.

baby quilt back

Baby quilt

All that is left is to sew down the binding and wash to make it crinkley and soft. The center bigger block says OH Boy and the green has little dots with the cream with frogs on it and the other blue has stars. You can get the idea with the fabric shown below. Hope she likes it.

Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

That lucious chocolate just wasn't doing it for me yesterday. I ran back to the good ole Whistle Stop Quilt Shop and got a quilt kit that I had seen the day before. Oh Boy. The pattern was simple enough so I got the little kit and came home. Almost ready to quilt it. I will post it as soon as I am done. What fun I have had sewing .

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wool blanket

I have been saving this wool blanket since 1989. I remember having this on my bed as a child. I tried to felt it but I am not so sure it worked. I washed it in hot water and rinsed in cold then dried it in the dryer. I had tons of lint and I do mean tons. It does not feel felted though. I am thinking of making stockings for Christmas like shabby chic or something. Any ideas?

Coach Yow

Coach Kay Yow died this morning after a long battle with breast cancer. She was a remarkable woman who made a positive impact on so many lives. She was the NC State University's girls basketball coach. A sad day for NC.

Dreary Day

Today is very gloomy. I think I even heard of maybe a little snow tomorrow night. I hope not. I love snow but hate it when I have to be stranded at the hospital to work. I had a serious accident about 12 years ago in the snow and I have been terrified ever since.
Hubs has a broken strut in his car so will be thinking of when and where to get that fixed. Getting ready to make the last payment. Isn't that the way it is with everything.
Today I hope to start a baby quilt for a dear friend. I have not decided on the pattern but did pick up a few fabrics.. so we will see what happens. Here is a sneak peak of the fabric.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas Quilt

As I have been following blogs, I have seen lots of string quilts that I loved. I usually stick to calm colors and this was all bright Christmas fabrics with white center strip. I loved doing this. I plan on using up all of my scraps in 09. I don't think that is possible. I have 6 unfinished tops to do as well... If things go as planned I will have alots to keep me busy.


This is my first post. Hopefully I will be able to post at least once a day. I hope to share things I have made and am making in the future. This is a new experience for me. I love to read others blogs for some time now and am looking forward to joing the blogger world. I feel I don't have enough to do. yeah right.