Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We have pet Chickens!! My sweet husband built an awesome coop and we started with 8 chicks. we lost one the first day and then ordered a replacement that had to have 2 more to make the trip with her. Hopefully they all turn out to be girls. I have worries about one but time will tell..
This is the coop. The inside walls are painted aqua so they surely will have a calm beginning.
Next I will show a few of the girls.
The first is Margaret

She is the first to greet me and likes to be held. She is a Barred Rock.

Next is Della (for Delaware) and Tempietoo (Americana)

In the background is Mazie, Margaret's twin and Agnes (golden Lakenvelder) and to the left is
Goldie (golden Buff). So now you have met a few. I will try and get pictures of Dottie and Lulu who are Spangled Hambergs and oh the lovely Gladys who is a Blue White Crested Polish. So this should be fun. They seem to like the spaghetti squash and peppers