Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rainy Day

I have been awful busy to have such a free day. It rained all day and I cut fabric for the new double wedding ring. I put together 1 block and I am wondering how in the world I did the other one so long ago. It is a bit nerve racking. I am not sure now if I like the colors. It is still scraps with matching corners, only I wish I used one more matching end piece.. it has too much purple. Oh well.. I will work on it. I had son make me templates and still it is so hard to get it right and make it lay flat. Thank goodness for my helps everything lay smooth. I have to go back to work once again tomorrow night so little will get done once again for about a week. take care and happy quilting. Sallie Gayle


Edie said...

Repeat after me.... you can NEVER have too much purple. You can NEVER NEVER have too much purple. You can NEVER NEVER NEVER have too much purple.

See the pattern here? LOL!

Sallie Gayle said...

I needed a darker purple. It may be fine when done. A little on the bright side. LOL